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Do you have to buy dozens of individual spices and mix them together for dry aging or making ham and sausages yourself? No, fortunately, at DRY AGER, we offer spice blends in convenient and aroma-safe metal tins that are perfectly tailored to the recipes from the Dry Aging Bible.

Ham, in addition to starting with the highest-quality ingredients, primarily requires a significant amount of time to mature perfectly in the DRY AGER aging cabinet. Some specialties, however, achieve their distinctive flavor when infused with the original spices. But does that mean you have to purchase each individual spice? Doesn't that often result in a surplus of spices losing their aroma over time in the pantry? No, it doesn't have to be that way because for every ham aging recipe described in the Dry Aging Bible, there is a corresponding spice blend. We've put them together using the best and freshest ingredients from the spice trade – and in precisely the amount needed for your next ambitious ham project.

DRY AGER spice blends are made from select, high-quality ingredients and carefully crafted by hand. Naturally, these blends are not only suitable for the Dry Aging Bible recipes but also to add a special flavor to your own recipes.

There are a total of 6 varieties to choose from – so there's something for every taste.

Contents: 400 g


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