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Meat maturing Fridge Dry Ager® DX 1000 PREMIUM S

with DX-LED Salt Wall (DX0062)

Model DX1000PS (current model 2023)

The professional meat maturity cabinet with mature technology.

That's new DX1000 PREMIUM S:

  • Easier cleaning (optimized radii)
  • Inner Container Bottom: Bottom falls off, integrated slats
  • Inner Back Wall: Black Steel (brushed black stainless steel)
  • Interior Lighting: DX LED Premium Lighting integrated in side walls, dimmable


Unique and only in the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Fridge! Thanks to the integrated SmartAging® technology, meat, ham, fish, sausage, cheese, herbs, pasta, and much more can be easily aged or dried at the touch of a button. Dry aging has never been so easy and safe.

We offer you:

• Competent advice also on weekends

• Always the most up-to-date model, as each device is manufactured for you after ordering

• Cheap prices

• Free delivery within the EU

Product features:

• Stainless steel outer housing

• insulating glass door with UV protection, tinted (metallised)

• Interior dimensions: (H x W x D) 137,5 x 57,8 x 58,7 cm

• External dimensions: (H x W x D) 165 x 70 x 74,2 cm

• Gross / Net content: 495/435 liters

• Voltage: 230V

• Temperature range: electronically adjustable in 0.1 ° C increments (0 ° C to +25 ° C)

• HumiControl: Humidity electronically adjustable from 60 to 90% (no water connection required)

• DX AirReg: optimum air flow, fresh air activated carbon filter and UV disinfection, LED interior lighting and dx (= the light spectrum does not contain ultraviolet radiation), minimal heat generation, no punctual heating of the meat

• Defrost automatic, automatic condensate evaporation

• visual and audible alarm message

• Lockable door, door hinges changeable

• Can be integrated

• Magnetic Door Seal

• maximum load: 2-3 back strands, each up to 1.2 m in length

• maximum load capacity per hanger: 80 kg (per hanger up to 2 backs possible)

• maximum number of sliding levers: 5 pieces

• maximum load per grate: up to 40 kg

• Quality "Made in Germany"

• including stainless steel suspension DX0011

Warranty and service:

• 2 years in the private sector and 1 year in the commercial sector

• 24 hours tel. Emergency service and fast, Europe-wide customer service

Delivery time is about 3-4 weeks.


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